What We Do, is who we are

Our Roots

The roots of the Franklin County Cyclists began in 2008, when we first formed as Summit Health Bike Club. In 2012, due to overwhelming growth we transformed into "FCC" and became a non-profit 501 C4 corporation. In 2019 FCC status was changed to a 501 C3.

Our Signature Rides are on Tuesday Evenings late April through Mid September. We ride sharply at 5:30pm with 5 levels of riders all starting and ending at the same location. There are 15 different starting locations. All communication is through e-mail, web site or FaceBook.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote safe, healthy, fun activities for cyclists. We also strive to educate not only the riders but also the public.

How do we accomplish our Mission?

  • FCC provides an annual Bicycle Safety and Maintenance workshop for adults

  • FCC provides a Bicycle Safety Rodeo for Children in the 3rd-5th grades.

  • FCC supports weekly Tuesday evening rides for all levels of cyclists with 5 different routes, First Aide and SAG support.

  • FCC hosts a Breast Cancer Ride in which 100% proceeds are donated to assist women in Franklin County diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

  • FCC posts billboards through-out the county making motorists aware of the "4 foot Rule" when passing a cyclist and increasing awareness of cyclists on the roadways.

  • FCC is also represented on the Stakeholders Group for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Plan in Chambersburg, PA.

What We've Achieved

  • Riders exhibit an improvement in confidence both related to safety and skills.

  • Riders are having fun and meeting new friends.

  • Children received helmets and practice their skills.

  • Breast Cancer Survivors are assisted with donations from the Century Ride.

  • Riders get to test their abilities during the Grindstone Time Trial and compete against each other.

  • Riders get healthy, fun exercise and improve their physical status.

  • Motorists are becoming more aware of cyclists sharing the roads.

  • In the near future we expect to see the Rail Trail expanded and safer routes for all individuals to get to their destinations.