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Bike Overnight Adventures

Overnight Bike-Camping Experience

Melissa Murray will participate in National Bike Travel Weekend by organizing a bike overnight during the weekend of June 3 – 5. Melissa is a second year member of Franklin County Cyclist and has led bike overnights on the C&O Canal for over ten years.  In 2010 she and her husband led their family on the entire 184 mile bike-camping adventure, with three children ages 8, 11, and 14. In 2015 they led a group of seven from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, PA, 150 miles over the Great Allegheny Passage. 

The goal of National Bike Travel Weekend is to encourage people of all ages, backgrounds and interests to experience the joy and simplicity of traveling by bicycle and spending the night at a campground, park, hotel, cabin, bed and breakfast, hostel, friend’s house or backyard. Check out the National Bike Travel Weekend resources available on Adventure Cycling’s website.  

40th Anniversary of Adventure Cycling

For more information about our National Bike Travel weekend event, contact Melissa Murray at

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Overnight Bike-Camping Adventure